”Australia. Farthest I can get from this hell hole without having to freeze my ass off in Antarctica with a herd of penguins.” Well—geographically, Australia is much further anyway, not that it matters much. Damien has no real intention of visiting either place. 

     ( He’d like to go someplace like Hong Kong or Shanghai. Someplace different. But it’s a long way for someone who’s never left the country. )

     But hey—he also has all the time in the world to get there, so why hurry? 

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FILE: Damien Ashing

"I'm the new cancer, never looked better, you can't stand it. Because you say so under your breath. You're reading lips 'When did he get all confident?'"  

'When did Damien Ashing turn into such an attractive… Sleazebag?' That was the question everyone had been asking themselves. Damien was once a nerdy, shy kid that wore glasses too big for his face and did the popular girls homework for her. Essentially, he was a walking cliche. Now? Now, he's more confident than ever, ditched his those horn-rimmed glasses along with his  old personality, and all it took was a bite. Ever since he was bitten, he's become a bit of a mystery, but at the same time he lost whatever innocence and softness he held before. He'd taken up drug dealing as hobby, and dated several chicks (at the same time) to gander some amusement. He's stealing all the jocks girls with his witty words, and his nonchalant, tough guy personality. And they're all itching to find out what happened to that boy they used to give swirlys too.  

  • Born 2nd November, to both mortal parents. He had lived in Ashbourne his entire life, till he graduated, then he made the journey from Ashbourne to New York where he went to Columbia.  The place that changed everything for him. 
  • However, soon after he started college life - his life took a turn for the worst, or he likes to think of it as a turn for the better. One night after a late study session at the library, he was attacked by none other than a vampire, becoming - forever immortal.   
  • Since coming back, he’s has had more girls throwing themselves at him than they ever glanced at him back in high school. It also didn’t help that he was around the high school a fair bit. They were his best customers after all. And what kind of person would he be if he didn’t take advantage of that every once once in a while?  
  • Damien wasn’t like his old self anymore, and his new self craved power.- lots of it. When he was turned, he followed his creator. Even when he decided to take them back to Ashbourne. At first he was rather hesitant, but then he realized what a good thing it really was. That and he liked the idea of being able to turn someone for recruitment purposes. 
  • Soon after he came back to Ashbourne, a new man, he assumed the role of the resident drug dealer, and pseudo boyfriend to Valencia Cho. Of course that was all for covers - they just didn’t want anyone getting suspicious of them while they recruited in the town. 
  • A little while back Damien couldn’t control himself and let himself feed on a passerby, sucking him dry, or so he thought. The next day, he saw the boy walking gleefully into the coffee shop opposite the covens in town safe house. 

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